Bosch Business Hub Opens in CDO!

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August 5, 2016 was a remarkable date to every Kagay-anons! Why? BOSCH finally opened a new business hub here in our city. Take note, this facility is the company's second business hub in Mindanao and it's third outside of Manila. What a priviledge for us that they are indeed strenthening presence and tapping opportunities here in Mindanao.

Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services, officially inaugurated the new business hub in Gusa that offers solutions and support the rapid growth of CDO as an industrial corridor. The main reason why they are putting this hub in our city is that, to increase its proximity to customers by providing showroom areas, training sales, and after-sales support for Bosch products and solutions across every Bosch division present in the Philippines namely, power tools,  automotive aftermarket, security systems, thermotechnology, and drive & control.


Together with the Managing Director of Bosch Philippines Mr. Andrew Powell and the Bosch Southeast Asia President Mr. Martin Hayes, they wish to support every Kagay-anons' vision in transforming Mindanao into an economic powerhouse within the Philippines. Through the presence of Bosch CdO they will be enabling to take active participation in the exciting growth opportunities in this region. 

Both of them believe that they are more than confident enough that their strength in innovation will continue to differentiate them and strengthen their customers' confidence in their solutions.

Once again, welcome to Cagayan de Oro Bosch! Indeed, you are truly expanding here in the Philippines and we are so proud that we are one of them.