The New Look of Greenwich SM CDO!

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I feel so honored to be one of their media guests to experience their new homey feel pizzeria! It's the first here in Cagayan de Oro and eventually it will roll-out with the same concept in other areas too. Good thing I am from CDO uptown because me and my pizza lovers family would always visit and experience an authentic pizzeria feeling just like in Italy. 

This is how it looks like now, a total transformation from the old Greenwich fast-food chain set-up! A new mid-century modern fast food!
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The new store concept feautures a lounge, a main dining area, a balcony, a banquet and an enclosed dining space suited for everyone's needs. You can feel a rustic with wooden pizza peels, tin buckets and colorful ceramics interior just to tie the concept together with its goal of making Greenwich a homey feels. As you can see they are using a wood and brick elements just to feel the essence of the new pizzeria. Cool huh!

Aside from their new ambiance, they are also offering their new flavor the New Bacon Crispy Thins! This new pizzza is obviously made of a huge amount of bacon and ham, mushrooms and a lot of mozzarella and cream cheese. Indeed, it is truly baconized and cheesified one! I also had this flavored tried with my kids and guess what? This is now their new favorite pizza flavored!

This young, modern and mid-century industrial neighborhood pizzeria look makes both loyal Greenwich Pizza lovers and curious foodies alike, to be part of the barkada and savor the goodness that is truly world class!