Sweet Crafts Cafe in CdeO

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Last Tuesday (June 28, 2016), we were invited by Sir Felven (friend of Ma'am Honey- the store owner) for a Calligraphy session but due to Ma'am Honey's busy schedule we were not able to do it that day but instead re-scheduled it on July 6 at 3 PM.

Anyway, our Tuesdate was still a "fun-craftsy" afternoon and a "sweetilicious" one! Sir Felven (aka Sir Cram), introduced us about the stuffs inside the cozy cafe of Ma'am Honey. It started out from her passion of collecting different artsy-craftsy stuffs since high-school to name a few from stationaries, stamps, ballpens, scissors, punchers, organizers, colorpens and etc. But hey look! Out from those little artsy-craftsy passion stuffs that she have, voila! an additional income on her part! That is why, she was able to come-up with this kind of business.

This cozy shop is not just for those creative people who love arts and crafts alone, but this is open to all who loves sweets as well . That is why it is called Sweet Crafts cafe...Two passion rolled into one!

Miss Cybelle (friend of the store-owner) is the woman behind all these Sugar Rush MilkShakes below....

Oreo Vanilla Addiction for only Php 169

KitKat Brain Freeze for only Php 169

Java Chip Sugar Rush for only Php 120

Sugar Coma de Ferrero for only Php 199 (Best- Seller)

To sum it up, we really had a "fun-craftsy" afternoon and a "sweetilicious" one! The milkshakes taste were simply the BEST! It's not that really sweet at all but the toppings? oh gracious goodness, it feels like heaven's taste!

good laughs with good friends...

 Once again, thank you for having us here and for the loyalty card as well. :)

By the way they also serve snacks and meals as well....
The store opens at 10AM and closes at 9PM.
Located at Hayes St. (fronting the old Butcher's Best near Dynasty Court)