Social Media Day in CDO

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Every 30th of June, social media practitioners celebrate this what we so called "Social Media Day"! It has been a tradition of the CDO Bloggers to participate in this yearly event. This time, it was a double celebration of the organization~ Social Media Day and at the same time our 2nd General Membership Meeting (GMM).

We invited Sir Jon Doblados to talk about "How to Restore Humanity in Social Media". We learned a lot about his topic, and to sum it up: we need to stand together as a people, rebuild, reconnect, reboot and refriend. #TayoPH

Presenting our sponsors for this event: SMART (umbrellas and USBs), BRIA Flats (umbrellas, notepads, ballpens, plastic caps), Organique Soaps, and Pane e Dolce (Sylvannas and Brownies). This was given as a prize to the trivias being given. Thank you so much sponsors, it made our event a memorable and fun night!

The food served during our dinner. Thanks for this yummy foods Pane e Dolce.

By the way, we were welcoming new members and the comeback of an old member during this night. Pic taken together with the speaker and the whole CDOBloggers members

now according to batch....hehehhe

It was a fun-filled night with you guys ~ my online and offline friends as well. Looking forward for a grandeur Social Media Day next year! 

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