Proud to be an Official SMART Postpaid Subscriber

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This is purely a review on my experience with SMART online store....

July 2, 2016- I filed for a SMART online application through and have the SMART iPad Plan 799 in my cart. On the same day, I got my email notification for a successful application that was submitted. Two days later, I received another email notifying me that the application that was sent was already validated and now ready for payment. They called me up and asked me the mode of payment and have decided to pay my order last July 4 through SMART money. Day after, I got informed that my iPad is on my way for delivery and to expect it 3-5 days if outside Metro, Manila.

Voila! I received it last July 9, 2016!!!! In just a span of a week, I had my desired gadget on my hand! Thanks to SMART online store for the fast services being offered! Take note: on the same day, the plan is already ACTIVATED!

Now, I can finally say that I am officially SMART postpaid subscriber!!!

Wherever I go, my iPad mini 2 is with me! Thanks once again, thank you
 SMART Communications!
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