The Journey of a Bottle

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For my 35 years of my existence, I never got the chance to have a memorable experience of joining a field trip to a Coca-Cola Plant during my elementary and high school days. Now, being one of the officers of CDO Bloggers Inc is a priviledged being invited as one of the VIPs to have a closer look of their bottling plant and be able to taste an ice cold Coke fresh from the bottling line. Take note! Our group was given the opportunity to capture and video everything inside the plant! Cool huh!

As always, Coca-Cola remains a fascination for most of the aficionados. Taste the feeling as they say! It never change the taste since the beginning, a thirst quencher 'til forever! 

This iconic beverage is being bottled at the Coca-Cola FEMSA Misamis Oriental Plant (MOP). One of the 19 plants operated in the country and was built and inagurated in 2011. Better watch out this coming July for their installation of their 5th line production inside their 11.2 hectares land area.

1. Preparation of raw materials, ingredients (water, sweeteners and natural flavors)
2. Bottler washer - where the recycled glas bottles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
3. Filler - the bottled will be filled
4. Crowner/Capper - it will be capped
5. Fullgoods Bottle Inspector (FBI)- automatically inspects filled and sealed bottles to ensure the right content. 
Bottles that pass through the state-of-the-art euipment quality monitoring are then put into crates and brought to the warehouse for immediate dispatch.

PET line also are being produced in bottles made of plastic resin and a form of polyester at MOP Most of the travellers always prefer for the plastic type of packaging because they can bring them wherever they go. In just a span of an hour, the plant's PET line is able to produce as much as 63,000 bottles.


We happened to interview a 67 year old lady named Nanay Aracelli OrdoƱa, with 2 kids. Her business started way back 1983 here in Cagayan de Oro and decided to move in Villanueva, Mis Or and built the Nanay Foodhaus in 1994. Her sari-sari store has an eatery beside it, where people from the nearby offices usually order their meals. A very loyal customer since the beginning, with the help of Coca-Cola FEMSAthrough their partnership she was able to send her two children to school and now became professionals. Coca-Cola made an extreme make-over of her eatery located along Villanueva highway which caters all travelers coming to and fro Cagayan de Oro or Cotabato in need of a refreshing drinks and good food as well. She was so blessed that one of her kids are now based in Canada and offered her to but move in, but she opted to stay in her place and continue her growing business with Coca-Cola.

 Once again, thank you Coca-Cola FEMSA for this once in a lifetime opportunity as one of the VIPs as an online media visitor in MOP!

photo owned by Mike Banos