Smart reminds subscribers to stay vigilant vs criminals

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Amid reports that unscrupulous individuals have been trying to commit crimes by posing as telco repairmen, mobile leader Smart Communications has given tips on how to protect yourselves from being victimized:

·         Do not entertain contractors/repairmen when you do not have a pending request for repair or troubleshooting. Relay the same advice to the rest of the household, including helpers.

·         If you have indeed requested such services from your fixed line or mobile service provider, please get the exact day and time their personnel would arrive.

·         Once the repairmen arrive, check their IDs and scrutinize the details of their Service Order before letting them into your house. Take a picture of their vehicle’s plate number.

Remember that scammers can still victimize you even without personal contact. Here are tips on how to outsmart them:

Be wary of people asking you to send an SMS to 808 or 2292. 808 is Smart’s official Pasaload number, while 2292 is Sun’s Give-A-Load number. If someone tells you to send a text message to this number in exchange for prizes, refunds, discounts, or free prepaid load, do not be fooled. You would only be sending your precious mobile credits to that scammer.

To protect subscribers, Smart and Sun now require them to confirm Pasaload and Give-A-Load requests to make sure they are aware that they are making the transactions.

Be extra careful when dealing with callers or texters using unknown numbers, especially when they tell you that you’ve won a raffle or promo that you did not even join in the first place. Please note that Smart always notifies its promo winners via registered mail and a call from phone number 7777. When in doubt, you may verify Smart promos by calling *888 using your Smart mobile or tweeting @SmartCares.
Verify the identity of people claiming to be your relatives. Don’t just believe anyone who claims to be your relative from abroad who has a new roaming number. Get in touch with your loved ones through their old numbers to verify.

Verify emergency claims. If someone calls to tell you your loved one has been involved in an emergency and needs money immediately, do not panic. Call the said loved one to confirm that you’re not being scammed.

Be careful with personal details. Do not post the details and photos of your identification cards such as passport, driver's license, TIN, etc. on social media.

Do background checks on online sellers and people offering loans and investments over the Internet. Consult experts before making transactions and parting with your hard-earned money.

To report text scams, please get in touch with the National Telecommunications Commission's One Stop Public Assistance Center (NTC OSPAC) via landline number (02) 921 3251 or (02) 926 7722 or email address[END]
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