GIBI Shoes Fun Day @ CdO

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It was really my first time to meet up showbiz personalities as in really that up close. Last November 21, me together with my co-bloggers were lucky enough to have a little chit-chat for an hour as we had our afternoon snacks together with Ms. Ella Cruz and Ms. Jasmine Smith at Seda Hotel before they went to Limketkai mall for the GIBI Fun-day event! I never thought they were that simple and super cool when we asked them about a little of their personal life and a lot of being an endorser of GIBI shoes. 

Both of them shared on how blessed they are as being part of GIBI  company, not just because of those super high quality of shoes that they've got but as well as  on how GIBI treat them as a family! As Jasmine exposed that she loves to wear the GIBi flats while off-cam and tends to wear the high-heeled ones on-cam. Ella considers most her height that is why she loves to wear the sneaker wedges in which I also got an eye on it. 

I truly remember my  "student years" on how excited I was every time the opening of the school-year, why? Because I''ll got the chance to wear another pair of GIBI school shoes. The quality of GIBI shoes has been already been tested for  so many years and indeed so true because I passed-on the experience of letting my kids wear the same  brand of shoes not just in school but even  outside. Not just that, I even wear GIBI shoes as my office shoes and my comfy flat shoes from GIBI.

Though this brand is kinda a little expensive, but I tell you it's all worth it when you their products  it's long lasting quality. 

Thanks to GIBI shoes my one trusted brand!

I do enjoy GIBI shoes as always, so why don't you try it too?