Fun-Day Sunday with Huggies!

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Last August 16, 2015, one of the leading diaper brands invited as a blogger for Fun-Day Sunday with Huggies. Upon arriving at the venue which was at Gaisano City Mall Activity Center, I immediately thought of my kids (hoping they were with me at the event) because they were once a Huggies diaper users when they were still one year old (Yes, I weaned them at an early age).

Kagay-anon mommies were all happy as they had fun and laughter together with their kids as they joined different kinds of games. All of them got the chance to win lots of prizes from Huggies. 
diaper changing games
I LOVE Huggies game
The highlight of the event was the parenting tips of Ms. Maricel Laxa on how she raised her children. Here are some of what I learned: 

- You entered a new career
- You are on call 24/7
- You embraced a new world of responsibilities
- The future of this new individuals is in your hands
- There's no turning back

- A sensitive and tender heart
- A mind that is open to learning
- Ears that are always available to listen
- Spirit that yields to God for guidance

She then entertained questions coming from the mommies and then answered it in line with a Biblical teachings.That's what I like in her most~ a christian way of raising their kids!
I really learned a lot from her...

Before the event ended, I texted my husband to bring the kids along with him so that they will be able also to meet and greet with her... Thanks for your free books "Kuya na si Bunso" Ms Maricel!
credits to KagayanOnline for the photo opp
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