My First Freedom Run

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Last June 13, 2015 as we were having our Tipok-Tipok Ms. Irene of Mindanaoan  asked the group if who among us would like to take the slot of Ms Germz for the freedom run since she's still on her vacation... and so, I did!

Whew! I was kinda' hesitant to join since the time I joined for my first fun run ever was just 3k but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the finish line for some funny reasons. :) Now, I took the challenge and went to La Cabana Spa to get my race kits with my hubby as my running buddy!

June 14, 2015, time to hit the road for my 1st Freedom Run!!!! That time, hubby did not make it as my running body for health reason. So here I go, good luck to me!

It was indeed a Freedom run-walk-run since I didn't even have my warm-up week before the event. It was an impromptu one....

at first I was with this group but I opted to run ahead of them....

thanks to Vic, I saw him alone and he became my run-walk buddy that time... 
and yes we did it for the 5K!

Thanks God I made it over an hour...not that bad!
 I feel so accomplished that time that for the first time I was able to make it!

...till the next fun-run guys!

By the way thanks to Circle Productions, Inc for allowing me to join this 
Freedom Run 2015 and of course to my CDO Bloggers family. :)