CDO Bloggers' 2nd Tipok-Tipok of 2015

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It's been a while that I haven't joined the "Tipok-Tipok" of our group since last year and I'm missing it much! I just remember months ago that I signified to come for the 1st Tipok of the year at Botoy's and unfortunately I wasn't able to make it due to  my busy schedule at work.

Since the officers decided to have it on a weekend, so I grabbed the opportunity and be with my blogger friends at....

While I was still on my way, they had this posted on our FB page informing other members that some of them were already there and witnessing the Calda's Special Pizza preparation...
Photo from KagayanOnline

tadaahhh.....presenting the finish product!
Photo from KagayanOnline

In just a matter of yummy!

Here we are despite of the heavy rain pouring down, still enjoying the each other's company catching up with the latest life's updates. :)

Thanks to Calda's Pizza for the treat and thanks to my CDO Bloggers family for still having me here!

'till the next Tipok-Tipok guys after 
Mommy Ruby and Mommy's Jenjaqs arrival from Vietnam!

see yah all!