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Summer is finally here! You might be enjoying the sun too much but never ever forget to be protected by applying sunscreen regularly. In fact, using sunscreen is not just for summer but all-year round! DERMAX Professional offers a sunscreen line specifically formulated for all skin types.

UV Milk Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ has a milky touch formula and provides maximum UVA/UVB daily sun protection. UV Gel Water-Based Sunscreen SPF 30+ PA++ provides sun protection for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin. Fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. And there’s the first of its kind, the sunscreen with “water-burst” technology where it is applied as lotion but will leave a cooling burst of moisture making your skin feeling fresh and moisturized. These are: UV Baby Water-Burst Sunscreen SPF 30+ PA++ that offers broad spectrum sun protection and is safe for kids and babies 6 months and older, and UV Active Water-Burst Sunscreen SPF 45+ PA+++ which is a water-resistant sunscreen perfect for those with active lifestyles. 

DERMAX Laser Center also offers specialized treatments such as their highly popular Gold standard Diode laser hair removal service that lets you achieve hair-free skin at a pain-free procedure, and AxiLight Laser powered by Q-switched Nd:Yag laser technology that will visibly lighten your underarms giving you a worry-free feeling of raising those arms while on the beach. 

To know more about DERMAX Laser Center and DERMAX Professional products, visit their branch at the Level 3, Centrio Mall, C.M. Recto Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City or contact them via email at You may also check out their website at