Globe Media Appreciation Day!

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Shall I say, it was indeed an early Christmas party in October!!! 

Last October 30, 2014 Globe gave a fun-filled media party~may it be in the print or the online media, all were gathered having fun with lots of prizes prepared for all of us. It was a mixed of Halloween and an advance Christmas party for all the media partners of Globe. 

In short, all of us were being appreciated by GLOBE. Indeed, I was so honored since this is the very first time I attended a media appreciation.

Although we only have a limited time for this party yet all of us were really having fun!

Thanks much Globe for the appreciation!

Yay so blessed to have this huge box for me...
Thanks Globe for the early Christmas gifts received....

these are just my fun prizes during the parlor games we had!

Yay I am so excited for next year's Globe Media Appreciation Day! wohoooo!!!!!