The New Osyter Meat Sauce from CDO: KATASTE Inferno

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I've been hearing this word "Kataste" from my bloggers friends last December and never got the chance to taste its goodness from this new offered home-made oyster meat sauce in town. Lucky enough that I finally got the chance to meet the person behind this "Kataste" sauce last May 19, 2014 @ Cafe Bonita~ it's no other than Mr. Reynold Domingo which happened to be the creator of Pizza de Oro and Capt. Richie's Baby Back Ribs sauces.

By the way, got so intrigued why it was named as Kataste? Well, I just found out that KaTaste  (read as ka-tas-te) is an exact abbreviations of "Kagayanon's Taste".  It's a homemade Oyster Sauce for dipping and of course best for cooking. Aside from the 2 flavors before: the Original & Hot which was launch months ago, Mr. Domingo made another variant for the "hot sauce" and called it as "Inferno". This time around he made it more hotter and spicier!

Whew! sort of a sweaty sweaty afternoon as we tried this new variant of "Inferno" paired with pizza, burger and the sizzling sisig. Actually, am not that really into spices but when I tasted it, it's proven to be the best appetizing hot sauce I've ever tasted!

So if you want to try this new Appetizing Hot Sauce in CDO, you can have it for only 47 Php @ Monster Kitchen and at SM's OTOP (One-Town-One-Product) stall fronting "BookSale".