City Mayor Supports Social Media Day CdO!

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Sad to say that I wasn't able to be with my group (Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc.) during the Courtesy Call of our City Mayor Oscar "Oca" Moreno which happened last June 25, 2014 due to office schedule conflict. Anyway, I am just proud that our organization was formally announced by the administration as one of the instruments in supporting the information dissemination drive of the city's progress.
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This coming June 30, 2014 is s the 5th Annual Social Media Day (#SMDay) event launched by Mashable. It is an annual global event that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. But here in our city we will be celebrating it today June 28, 2014 and we are so glad that even our our beloved Mayor showed his support for the #SocialMediaDayCDO!
Photo: Big Support from the Mayor. Today is #SocialMediaDayCDO #SMDay Let's use the hashtag and join the celebration to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.
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As one of the members of #CDOBloggers Inc, I am proud to say that I am here to make the City of Golden Friendship make known to the whole wide world as the 

City in Blossom, in Bloom and in Boom!

Proud Kagay-anon indeed! :)

CDO Gears Up for Its First CDO Startup Weekend

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This July, Cagayan de Oro plays host to its first ever Startup Weekend. Basically, the SW is like a crash course in creating a business. For 54 hours, managers, developers, designers, leaders, product managers, students, and anyone with entrepreneurial goals will gather in one venue to pitch ideas, form teams, and develop and launch startups. The 3-day event is open to both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.

What Should Participants Expect in a Startup Weekend?

The Startup Weekend is a concept-to-launch event that follows one model. One the first day, participants will be given time to pitch their ideas (usually 60 seconds or less) without visual aids or any other supporting material. Each participant is then given the opportunity to vote for the pitch he likes best and to choose a team. On Saturday, everyone will be busy working with their teammates develop their chosen pitch. There will be discussions on which business models and designs to use, while others will be thinking about marketing and customer development. On the third and last day, Sunday, all groups will have the chance to present and demonstrate their prototypes in front of a panel of judges composed of industry leaders and local entrepreneurs. The judges will offer feedback and choose a winning startup team.

Throughout the 54-hour event, mentors and leaders will move around so participants can interact with them. They can share ideas and even fish for suggestions. The Startup Weekend, after all, is an event for like-minded individuals whose goal is to become a part of global communities by launching their own startups.

Why You Should Join Startup Weekend

There are two main goals that Startup Weekend organizers all over the world intend to highlight. First, to create local startups; and second, to support local businesses. SW is an activity that encourages growth and innovation, especially in the local scene. Anyone who is success-driven will want to be a part of this campaign.

Aside from these, there are other reasons why you should join the Startup Weekend:

·         It is the ideal way to meet and interact with people who share your passion, ideals, and goals.
·         It is the best way to meet and connect with inspiring business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and success-oriented students.
·         It is an excellent opportunity for learning from some of the best and most successful people.
·         It is a good venue for welcoming opportunities that showcase your business and creative abilities.
·         It is your chance to become a part of the city and the region’s growing startup community.

Who are Qualified to Join the SW CdeO?

Every Startup Weekend gathers people with varying backgrounds. If you’re a kindergarten teacher wishing to experience a big change in your life; if you are a college student oozing with interesting ideas; or if you are an established businessman who wants to try out something different, the Startup Weekend is for you. Every SW is designed for anybody; for everybody – even for high school students. It is not just for managers, business leaders, or programmers. It is for anybody who is eager and passionate to share, create, learn, and develop ideas.

CDO’s First Startup Weekend

The success and influence of Startup Weekend is evident in the many cities and countries that have participated in the event. There are hundreds of grants around the world at present, and the number of Startup Weekend alumni total to around 100,000.

Kagay-anons will get the chance to become a part of this distinguished group through the Startup Weekend happening on July 11, 12, and 13, 2014 at Capitol University. The intense 54-hour weekend event will have local entrepreneurs and industry leaders serve as mentors for the teams. Startup enthusiasts, marketing people, designers, programmers, developers, students, and anyone interested in developing and launching a startup are invited to register through  

Cagayan de Oro’s first Startup Weekend is co-presented by the Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council, DevCon (Developers Connect), Ideaspace, DOST-ICTO, and Microsoft. Updates about the event can be found through the SW CdeO Facebook Page.

About Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend started in 2007 in Boulder, Colorado when Andrew Hyde decided to gather some people for a weekend of brainstorming for a business idea.  The group spent the weekend working on the idea and bringing it into fruition by Sunday. By 2-009, the Startup Weekend was registered as a non-profit organization. Since then, it has been operating in Seattle under the direction of Marc Nager, who gained full ownership of the organization along with Clint Nelsen. Together, the two developed the Event Model that is currently used in all SWs.

About the CDO ICT Business Council

The Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council is CDO’s recognized and official ICT (Information and Communication Technology) organization. It is accredited by the city government as a social organization. CDO ICT members include BPO stakeholders, members of the academe, computer hardware vendors, and locators. The organization works in partnership with the Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and government agencies that support its objectives and goals. 

Tonkatsu by Terazawa only at Centrio

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I would like to welcome Tonkatzu by Terazawa here in the City of Golden friendship, another newly opened restaurant of the Bistro-Group added to TGIF and Italiani's! Actually, I am not a Japanese food lover but I tell you after trying their Katsu meals I'm now beginning to add the Japanese menu on my lists.
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Here is a serving of tasty, tender pork cutlets fried to perfection, served with pickled vegetables, shredded cabbage, miso soup and unlimited rice is an irresistible meal anytime of the day. Yes you read it right, unlimited rice and this delightful fare one can enjoy only at Tonkatsu by Terazawa, the first Philippine franchise of the Japan-based chain brought to the country by the Bistro Group. 

Here's how to enjoy your Tonkatsu experience:

1. For the appetizing starters you can have the Fried Chicken Wings, the Chasoba Salad and the Pork Karaage. Here are the ones we've tasted below, but to add taste for the Pork Karaage you can squeeze the lemon on top of it. 

2. Next thing is to choose the main dish/course, they have IBERICO KATSU...
- this Katsu meal is made of the finest black Iberico Pork with a delicate, nutty, meaty, melt-in-in-your-mouth marbling. It is also known as the Pata Negra, the Iberian pigs of south and Southwest areas of Spain.

Another main course to choose from is the KUROBUTA KATSU...
- it is a  dubbed angus of pork, a meat from the original strains of Bekrshire hogs from Japan. It is packed with juiciness and is rich in flavor from the meat's excellent marbling. It is considered as the Katsu's crowning glory!

Still, you can choose aside from the two above mentioned Katsu's are the Rosu Katsu sets (deep-fried pork loin sets) and the Hire Katsu (deep-fried pork fillet sets). Another must try is the Jumbo Ebifurai, an imperial prawns that are simply deep-fried to achieve the natural fresh taste of the prawns.


Here's a good catch, all of the Katsu sets are served with refillable servings of Japanes rice, shredded cabbage and a bowl of hot Tonjiru, a special miso soup flavored with pork.

Here's how to enjoy your dish:
  • Grind the sesame seeds straight onto the Tonkatsu to bring the aroma and flavor of the pork.
  • Dip the Tonkatsu in the house blended Tonkatsu sauce with a pinch of Japanese salt for added taste.
  • Include a good amount of the shredded cabbage in between bites to cleanse your palate.
But before you'll end your Tonkatsu experience, don't forget this sweet ending bestselling dessert called the Frozen Grean Tea. A heavenly slice of frozen, fluffy meringue roll with a hint of green tea! Indeed, it really taste like heaven.

So, I guess it's high time for you to try Tonkatsu by Chef Akinori Terazawa- a Japanese restaurateur. The restaurant is located at the ground floor of Centrio Mall, besides Italianis.

For more details, please feel free to check their FB page: You can follow them also in Twitter and Instagram @tonkatsuph!

Trying their Pinoy Fiesta Recipe @ Pepper Lunch!

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Who would have thought that Pinoy Fiesta dishes can be found in the mall? Yes, only at Pepper Lunch! They just launched their PINOY FIESTA a two new pepper rice dishes with a Filipino twist.

We all know that, WE, Filipinos would love to celebrate festivities and basically loves local favorites just like me. :) Good thing Pepper Lunch brings a new line of dishes and flavors that are more familiar to our palate. I must say that that they have interpreted these two Filipino favorites that would really satisfied your cravings at a very reasonable price.

These are the two new variations of their Pepper Rice called the LECHON and SISIG PEPPER RICE:
Presenting the SISIG PEPPER RICE...(chopped sisig, meaty, crispy, fatty pepper rice topped with chicharon)              

Am not really fond of eating sisig but after trying it, WOW another favorite dish added in my lists! Of course it was served to us the sizzling way that I almost got a burned tongue when I tasted it. It was like you are eating a super crunchy and crispy sisig bits. I don't even mind how many cholesterol intake I had that night because it was really yummy. The serving is just too big for me that I even shared it with a friend and that I was able also to taste the other variant the LECHON PEPPER RICE of my friend's pinoy fiesta flavor order.

Here's the LECHON PEPPER RICE...(lechon strips, sarsa, pepper rice and chicharon)

Tip: To have a more yummier Pinoy Fiesta taste, mix all the ingredients together with the condiments provided.

It would be best to end your Pinoy Fiesta rice pepper dish with these Goma Ice Cream and a Molten Ala mode cake to have a perfect meal from Pepper Lunch!

Visit Pepper Lunch Centrio Ground Floor anytime of the day and try their supper yummy Pepper Rice variants!

The New Osyter Meat Sauce from CDO: KATASTE Inferno

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I've been hearing this word "Kataste" from my bloggers friends last December and never got the chance to taste its goodness from this new offered home-made oyster meat sauce in town. Lucky enough that I finally got the chance to meet the person behind this "Kataste" sauce last May 19, 2014 @ Cafe Bonita~ it's no other than Mr. Reynold Domingo which happened to be the creator of Pizza de Oro and Capt. Richie's Baby Back Ribs sauces.

By the way, got so intrigued why it was named as Kataste? Well, I just found out that KaTaste  (read as ka-tas-te) is an exact abbreviations of "Kagayanon's Taste".  It's a homemade Oyster Sauce for dipping and of course best for cooking. Aside from the 2 flavors before: the Original & Hot which was launch months ago, Mr. Domingo made another variant for the "hot sauce" and called it as "Inferno". This time around he made it more hotter and spicier!

Whew! sort of a sweaty sweaty afternoon as we tried this new variant of "Inferno" paired with pizza, burger and the sizzling sisig. Actually, am not that really into spices but when I tasted it, it's proven to be the best appetizing hot sauce I've ever tasted!

So if you want to try this new Appetizing Hot Sauce in CDO, you can have it for only 47 Php @ Monster Kitchen and at SM's OTOP (One-Town-One-Product) stall fronting "BookSale".