Have a Jollybreak Kit Kat Mix-ins with Jollibee!

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Are you familiar with this spiel: "Have a Break, Have a Kit-Kat"? I know most of you does especially to those chocolatey lovers.... 

Here's the good news... Jollibee just launched a new additional variation of their limited sweety-licious dessert called the Kit Kat Mix-ins! It’s Jollibee’s signature creamy vanilla soft serve, mixed with crushed Kit Kat wafer bars and caramel syrup at very affordable cost of Php38 only. :)

Since summer is on our way, I brought my kids to the nearest Jollibee stores in town just to try this newly offered mix-ins and oh we LOVE it much! Indeed, it was a #jollybreak from us from a very stressful work and super tiring school year for my daughter. :) 

 photo jollibeemixins1_zps7e48604e.jpg

Have you tried their new Kit Kat Mix-ins? Better try it now.... :)


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Tried it and it's very yummy! The vanilla soft ice cream and KitKat is a good combination. Excited to eat another one when I hit the mall. Hehehe..