The Promise of Joy: Havaianas 2013 Holiday Collection

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As you witness the scene of the sparkling bright lights of the metro, hear the echoes of merry cheer along the hallways, and feel the cool chill breeze, you would know that one thing's for certain, the holiday season is here!

Whether by tradition or simply the heart for giving, the holidays truly bring out the best in us! With all the vibrant hues and views, everyone lives out the cheerful vibe as we all prepare with the usual gift-giving gimmicks, humongous servings at the dinner table and simply enjoying the season with get-togethers with friends and family. As the best time of the year dawns upon us, the joyful vibe not only permeates and makes its home in our homes and hearts, but to our feet as well.

Never failing to bring joy and happy memories despite the season, Havaianas, the world's best rubber flip-flops, will yet again add to the joy that this season brings through the Havaianas 2013 Holiday Collection! It's all about the thrill of the season, as the Havaianas collection brings an assortment of product releases that relive our simple joys and bring out this fresh excitement all at the same time!

'Tis the season to be jolly, but also a time to find out Where's Wally? The famous world traveller has once again piqued our interest and imagination as he makes an appearance on the Havaianas soles (if you can find him.) With three fun designs, not only will you enjoy slipping on your favorite flip-flops, but be assured that you would know where Wally is. 

Looking for the classic gift? Brought by inspiration from conventional trends and infused with a modern twist comes the military-inspired Havaianas Camuflada, geometric-styled Havaianas Trend, ever-savvy Havaianas Slim Fresh and the quintessential Havaianas Striped styles. Strong statements in fashion, these flip-flop designs represent the beauty and strength of classic happy fashion.

Since we're talking about comebacks, the Havaianas 4-Nite is back to highlight cool happenings with its glow-in-the-dark soles and straps, not to mention the totally radical prints and illustrations. Nothing wrong with having some bright-colored fun with the holidays. The feminine and fun Havaianas Slim Lace is a perfect team up of the season with its hip neon colors!

Regardless of season, wild and funky prints are definitely capturing your attention! Mark your territory with these fierce animal prints and straps in metallic hues with the Havaianas Slim Animals styles. Walk on the wild side with ferociously stylish pairs inspired Brazilian fauna with the Havaianas Slim Fun. If sophistication is your style, the Havaianas Slim Cosmic and Havaianas Slim Peacock is -what you should slip into. With the universal quality of Havaianas, the styles are meant to showcase both your roar and your purr.

And in the spirit of giving, Havaianas brings a very special gift to you with the Havaianas Origine! Finally finding its way to our shores for the first time, these chic espadrilles from Brazil exude the familiar feel of the iconic buttery-soft soles matched with different colored canvass fitted to adjust to the contours of your feet. Carefree, luxurious joy and laidback vibe, and the instant joy that your feet feel from slipping on your Havaianas flip-flops is the same for when you wear the Havaianas Origine.

But all this fun and joy isn't just meant to be bound for this season, as the Havaianas 2014 pocket planner is here! Plot out important details and fun adventures by availing of the pocket planner for only 150 Pesos with a qualifying minimum purchase of P 1,500 worth of Havaianas merchandise. Patterned close to the well-loved Havaianas DNA with its iconic embossed rice patterns and lively hues of Red, Blue, Green, and Lime throwing in the fun vibes as you make 2014 your year!

As the holidays are turning out to be a season to revel in, the Havaianas 2013 Holiday Collection brings forth not just the fresh styles and designs, but the promise of joy and trademark happy fashion brought by Havaianas.

Get the Havaianas 2013 Holiday Collection and 2014 pocket planner this December available in All Flip-Flops SM CITY CDO. For authorized retailers for specific styles, visit