My 1st Blog Award Ever: CDO Blog of the Year!

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Last December 29, 2013 was a memorable date for Seda Hotel Centrio since they were celebrating their first year anniversary. Fortunate enough that I was there also to witness the said event together with my co-bloggers from CDO Blogggers Inc. But prior to the said event, our organization hosted the first-ever Awards Night for deserving Bloggers from CDO who top/excel in this field of blogging. Aside from that, members and officers were given recognition's too. :)

So here's my story behind....or shall I say my privilege speech after recognizing my blog as the CDO Blog of the Year!

Actually, I never expected to be one of those who were given credits during that night! :) Before going to #CDOBloggersAward 2013, Bogie asked me if I am ready for the later event (since we were still in Church that time), I jokingly answered her "Yes I am, even if I don't have an award still I will be there to witness the event". Hhhmmm kinda' excited! :)

To be honest, when Mr. President started to recognized my fellow bloggers one by one I told myself how I wish I'm one of them too. :)  But when Vic told that there was only one award left as the CDO Blog of the Year, so funny coz it suddenly crossed to mind that okay fine I will go home with no awards at all! I never thought the one that was left was intended for me. Whew!!!!! Thank you Lord!

I have nothing to brag about myself nor my blog since I seldom do some updates, only if I have ample of time since I am an office worker by day, a mom, a wife and a blogger at night. :) But what made me more deserving to receive the award was when Mr Vic told the audience that, "it's not just updating the cdo niched blog but even if she's not in the event, she finds time to blog about it and have credits to the photos that she's been using". So true, aside from that, when establishment gave me promo CDs, press release and etc I'll post it then immediately. That's it!!!

Wow! I feel so honored and blessed because they have recognized my effort in promoting our every own city. Indeed, it only proves that I am one true Proud Kagay-anon! :)
with Mr Vic Madriaga (CDO Bloggers Pres), Mr Lorenzo Tang of Seda Centrio Manager handing over my  award!

Congratulations to my fellow blogger awardees...

Breakthrough CDO Blogger of the Year: 
Sarah Lituanas
Marie Therese Orteza

Most Active CDO Bloggers Member of the Year: 
Maria Irene Aserios
Ruby Caberte

Most Active CDO Bloggers Officer of the Year: 
Jean Jacques A. Agbon (VP for External Affairs)

Best Cluster Performance of 2013: Eco-Tourism Project - Whitewater Rafting (by Rafting Pioneer)
Project Head - Clement Dampal
Committee Members - Richard Badlisan, Michael Abonitalla, Jean Jacques A. Agbon, Maria Irene Aserios, Rosanna Lim

Anyway, I would like also to thank the officers to took the time to undergo brainstorming for the #CDOBloggersNight2013 awardees, we all deserved it actually! :)

Thank you CDO Bloggers Inc.!
Thanks to Seda Centrio Hotel and Smart Communications for your undying support to our group!


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Congrats Mami Phebie! I'm sure your #CDOBloggersAwards2013 experience is a blast! God bless you more! :D

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Congratulations Mommy Phebie! :)