Krispy Kreme so Soon in CDO!

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You read it right...this is for REAL! Last month, I've got the chance to be with the Marketing and the Assistant Marketing of Krispy Kreme (Mark Gamboa and Nadia Shami respectively) together with my co- CDO Bloggers team for a lunch briefing at Bigby's Cafe. It was a sort of pre-launching of Krispy Kreme giving us an assurance that a month from now Kagay-anons will no longer long for a Krispy Kreme as a pasalubong but instead we will have our own store in the city. They will officially opened their 44th store and the 5th drive-thru in Asia only here at the City of Golden Friendship~ Cagayan de Oro. Their store would be located at Rosario Arcade in between McDonalds and Kagay-anon Restaurant. Seems like every one is so excited!!!

So what's the catch with this soon to open store? Well, aside from the drive-thru KK CDO will have it's HOT LIGHT or the HOT DONUTS NOW sign ! Familiar with this? 

Well if you happen to see the neon Hot Donuts Now sign lit, it only means that their ORIGINAL GLAZED Donuts are rolling hot off the line. Meaning, you can get your fave original glazed donut for FREE but it's limited only for a minute or two I guess! 
Just a tip: they usually make them every morning and evening. 
So if you see the light, STOP in for some HOT DONUTS NOW!

Whew! Krispy Kreme I can't wait with you...See you all there on the Opening 'coz they have so many surprises in-store for you!