I LOVE Kasalang Filipino 2013

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Couple of weeks ago, the (hashtag) #KasalangFilipino2013 was so trending over the social media sites and the highlight was thay they will be having their bridal fair in our city: Cagayan de Oro! (So proud of it!) hhHHhhmMm what makes me so excited about wedding fairs? Why oh why?

Okay then, here I go again....who says that only those who are giving birth undergo a post partum depression? Well, brides do also and that's what we called post-wedding blues.:)  Actually, this is really what happening to me that until now I am still recuperating. hahahha It's not that I am complaining about the wedding outcome but instead still thankful that in a way it was indeed a successful event in our life, only that my dream wedding was not able to realize due to financial constraints. :( It was just a simple yet a memorable one. :)

Eight years ago, wedding/bridal fairs like the Kasalang Filipino was not that really hip (for me) and that if there is any fair as such, we can't really afford to book one. lol Good thing  those who are planning to settle down and have a memorable and super unique wedding day nowadays because there are lots wedding planners, caterers, photographers, give-aways, invitations, cakes, flowers, rings, gowns, photo booths packages, etc that are so affordable to choose from... This is what I really LOVE from Kasalang Filipino!

Sounds interesting hhmmm! Since hubby and I were planning to renew our vows 2 years from now, I guess it's now high time for us to contact kasal.com for a best planning result. I guess this time, I could say that we will be realizing a dream come true wedding (since we can now afford) plus my 2 kids as my entourage (lil bride and groom) so soon. ...and that's for sure we will live happily ever-after! 

Kudos to the organizer of the said event! It was a successful bridal fair at Centrio Mall last Sept 13-15, 2013. Thanks to them for giving us an idea on where to go for the renewal of our vows so soon. See you next year for the Kasalang Filipino 2014! :)

photo credits from the event organizers

Hoping to win an overnight stay at Pryce Plaza Hotel and other amazing items from Kasal.com! If so, this would be the greatest wedding anniversary gifts that we could use on October 7, 2013-----> our 8th year of being together as one!. :)