1st YOLO Challenge: Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger

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You Only Live Once (YOLO) as they say, so why not take this challenge from Bigby's? Yesterday was their launching of the said challenge and I am so privileged enough to witness it together with my co-CDObloggers, cdo photographers and staffs from 89.3 Magic. Indeed it was really fun being with the whole group.
tnx Si Rich for this photo
Indeed, it was an hour full of fun! Thank you Bigby's Centrio!

So here's the first challenge by the way:

BIG Time Manhattan Cheeseburger

This 10" double deck all beef cheese burger must be finished in just 2 minutes. :) Yeah you read it right, in just 2 minutes, but don't worry you can tag along your friends for a maximum of 5 just to take this challenge.

But be sure you can consume it before the desired time or else you'll gonna pay the whole bill of the menu. That's exactly how the challenge must be done. But if you think you can do it by yourself with these 13 slices of double deck burger then go for the challenge as a single individual and consume it in just 20 minutes.

Oh guys, just in case in you can't take that challenge just prepare with you your Php 1,300.00. :)

For the full mechanics you can read it HERE!