4sqDay 2013

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Yay! I can't wait for this event to happen because it would be my very first time to participate in this kind of meetup... 

This was the original message from Foursquare: 

April is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: the fourth annual 4sqDay is just around the corner! 

On April 16th, you can celebrate by: 
 - Attending a meetup in your city (if one isn't set up yet, you can create it!) 
 - Already planning a meetup? Create a 4sqDay check-in special that attendees can unlock once they arrive (e.g. “Free fries or a free drink!” or other clever 4/16 tie-ins)! 
 - If you’re not attending a meetup, you can still help us celebrate by checking in at a local business that’s new to your city, or just new to you! They’ll appreciate it, and we’ll be thrilled to see Foursquare at work, connecting people to places. 

Keep an eye on http://blog.foursquare.com for announcements and the community-powered blog at http://blog.4sqday.com for ideas from the 4sqDay team. Remember to mark your calendars for April 16!

Since I belong to the CDO Bloggers Cluster 5 , we have come up as a group to participate in this yearly event from foursquare. I believe this would be the first also for the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers to join the said event (except for some) so will make it sure that we will not be absent in this upcoming event and rest asured this will be the start of an engaging mission.

 YES! CDO Bloggers will be celebrating 4sqDay on April 16, 2013. 
4sqDay 2013 in CDO
April 16 at 5:00pm in UTC+08 
Wat Ever Family KTV in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

If you want to participate also...just RSVP here: