A Good Choice with Sun Name Ur Number Sim!

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I never thought that what I posted last February 1 in my other site: Make the good choice with Sun Name Ur Number SIM is a sort of a realization! It's actually a non-paid post, I did share it through Nuffnang's newsletter. 

 Anyway, after ten days of posting that article I got the chance to be with the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers for a SunCell Bloggers Party/Get-together at Seafood Island, Ayala Centrio Mall.

Fortunate enough to meet Sir James Lim the Sun Cellular Senior Manager for Digital Marketing and Miss Carissa Flores as the Media Marketing for Sun Cellular. Yeah, it was a night full of food, fun and surprises! We got the chance to answer their five Q & As about their promos and nonetheless I went home having no plug-in kit but instead a bag full of freebies. 

What's the catch about this good news from Sun Cellular? It's their new Name ur Number Sim wherein one can customize and can choose the mobile number you really wanted. But hey guys, not all of those numbers you want to have will be successfully activated because someone might have used it already...so better have one as early as now. But as for me, I just activated my numbers few days ago as 0942-817-LOVE~ indeed, a significant numbers for me! 
Of course, that night would not be complete if we will not pose for our Class Picture before each one of us has to depart the place for bonding extreme....here we go....

Class picture!
Thank you Sun Cellular and I hope this is just the start of becoming a part of your upcoming events and promos. For more information about other products, promos and deals of Sun Cellular Prepaid, visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/suncellprepaid and follow @suncelldeals @suntweets on Twitter.

Official Statement: CDO Bloggers, Inc. Name Used by Posers

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Cagayan de Oro – February 3, 2013 – The Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc., through a reliable informant, received a report wherein alleged posers used the name of the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc. to get freebies and discounts in a newly opened establishment recently.
The CDO Bloggers, Inc. does not tolerate any illegal use of its name in any way. We uphold the best interest of the organization, its members and the establishments we support through our CDO Blogs. Any illegal use of the name CDO Bloggers, Inc., Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc. will be dealt accordingly.
The organization is either contacted by the establishment or the company’s marketing officer through our official contact details or vice versa before an on-site visit is done. We, in any way are not asking for freebies or discounts but this are given in kind by the establishment or the company.
We ask the public to report any instance wherein the name CDO Bloggers, Inc was use ilegally. You may message CDO Bloggers on Facebook, send a Direct Message to @cdobloggers on Twitter or emailcdobloggersinc[at]gmail.com, our official organization email address.
This month, the organization will also be releasing the list of official members for the year 2013.
Kagayanons and our stakeholders, we continue to thank you for your support to the blogging community in Cagayan de Oro City.
About CDO Bloggers:
CDO Bloggers, Inc. or Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Incorporated is a (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission registered non-profit organization composed of Bloggers and Social Media Practitioners from CDO and Northern Mindanao. Our main aim is to promote the city of Cagayan de Oro and the island of Mindanao as a peaceful and thriving place in this part of the world thru social media.
Vic Marion Madriaga
Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc.